Our Services

Design: Landscape design is the process of discovering the opportunities presented by each site. This process guides the selection of plants and materials that will best utilize the unique qualities of each space. The result is outdoor spaces that are beneficial, useful, and encourage the homeowner to live in them as much as possible. I think this can only be achieved by collaborating with the client throughout the design process. Since each individual and location are unique, my designs are tailored for each site.

Consultation: A consultation identifies the issues you should be thinking about when planning your garden. Discussion of bed layout, organizing different uses and spaces, soil analysis, and appropriate plant types provide the knowledge to begin planning a design and selecting plants and materials.

Hardscaping: Hardscaping is the bones of the landscape. It provides an architectural framework for the softer elements of the garden. Great hardscaping is the intelligent combination of engineering and art. Our stonework is some of the best in the Seattle area and our drystack stone walls adhere to the highest standard of stone building. We do decks with an eye to detail and elegance. Other work includes fences and arbors, water features, low voltage lighting, steel planter boxes and retaining walls as well as concrete retaining walls.

Rain Gardens and Water Harvesting: Rain gardens are a beautiful way to help clean urban water before it enters the storm sewer system. They can also help solve wet basement problems by directing the water away from the house.

Water Harvesting can allow a homeowner to store hundreds of gallons of water for summer watering. They can be installed in conjunction with rain gardens or as stand alone systems.